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Dear Sir, Madam,

The Annual Congress of the World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply (WFHSS) is the prime international event for specialists of sterilization, as the Biennal DAS Congress, in Turkey. WFHSS and DAS Congresses are established traditions where practitioners and professionals meet together to capture innovations and new ideas in the field, and provide feedback for the future.

14th World Sterilization Congress & 8th National Sterilization Disinfection Congress of Turkey will be held in Antalya, Turkey at Susesi Convention Center, between 6 and 9 November, 2013. The chosen venue for the congress has all facilities designed for international events and congresses.

The scientific programme will be complemented with input from the national associations on sterilization from all over the world and also industry in various formats. Congress delegates focus on new material and methods, and it is for the industry and providers to match this interest. As Organizing Committee, we take it as an obligation and pleasure to provide for the most convenient and comfortable encounter of the sterilization community with the exhibitors at the upcoming 14th World Sterilization Congress & 8th National Sterilization Disinfection Congress of Turkey.

The conference topics will be chosen with regard to the employment of specific techniques and modern technologies in sterilization, and sponsors are invited to take part not only in the exhibition, but also to feature in the scientific programme itself by organizing satellite sessions that are always very attractive and interesting for the participants. Sponsors are invited to become active collaborators in the scientific and social programmes, by putting forward new ideas and incentives. We would appreciate to receive proposals beyond what is listed in this prospectus. Sterilization is always creative and inviting, and this is what the WFHSS and DAS congresses expect of sponsors and exhibitors.

It is our pleasure and honour to host the world of sterilization to create one of the most impressive and memorable events in all respects.

See you all in Antalya on 6 to 9th of November, 2013.


Prof. Murat Gunaydın, MD
President of DAS Society

Dear Sir, Madam,

In the name of the WFHSS I would like to invite you to participate in the 14th world congress for sterilization. Undoubtedly our host DAS, the Turkish Disinfection, Antisepsis and Sterilization Association will warmly welcome all participants. Moreover the congress itself will be a forum to discuss the latest scientific advances in the area of decontamination; and what is of equal importance: the link between research and sterilization practice will be highlighted. Obviously the fact that international accents may differ from national ones will be taken into account as well.

Through the integration of research and development in the daily activities of the departments, innovation can be speeded up. For sterilization too this is a pre-condition to create surplus value for the department and for its customers. Innovation brings about changes in technology and in organizational structures and procedures. Thus it fosters a dynamic working environment and keeps the sterilization department on its toes. As a result it will be in a stronger position to meet the expectations of its internal customers and to compete effectively with external organizations.

I trust that the multinational character of the WFHSS, which has at present 63 member societies, will be reflected in the diversity of the participants. In this way the congress will turn out to be a real global “happening”. However, it is also of the utmost importance that the world congress creates opportunities for exploring sterilization areas which have not been developed yet, such as the Central Asian region. There is a pressing need to set up sterilization societies in these countries, which can take responsibility for the transfer of knowledge to the departments. This will lead to big improvements in sterilization practice.

Antalya is a fascinating region, where antiquity meets modernity, where the present is built on a glorious past, on age-old traditions and on a culture which has been respectfully preserved. With reason, because without a past there is no future.

Thus participation in the congress provides an opportunity for all of you to continue building on the knowledge acquired in the past, applied in the present and used as the foundation on which the future is based.

I look forward to welcoming you all in Turkey.

Wim Renders
President of WFHSS

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