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Ahmet Tevfik Sunter, Turkey
Does a representative soil test exist for the reprocessing of dental instruments?
Alexander Franz, Austria
Burns and burn care
Atilla Çoruh, Turkey
Ayşegül Karahasan Yağcı, Turkey
Key points of infection control in dental practices
Axel Kramer, Germany
Sustainable development : a new approach in quality management for CSSD
Benedicte Gourieux, France
Art of being Human: Mevlana
Bilal Kuşpınar, Tukey
Exemplary CSSD 6
Birgül Bağcı, Turkey
Validation of an endoscope drying cabinet for extended storage of non-channeled endoscopes-a clinical perspective
Caroline Conneely, Ireland
Disinfectants and waste disposal
Cüneyt Özakın, Turkey
Christine Denis, France
Implementation of feed back experience committee in CSSD
Christophe Lambert, France
The impact of reprocessing single-use devices - an economic study
David Larmuseau, Belgium
Operating room areas, clothing and traffic
Deborah Spratt, USA
Cleaning and disinfection of anesthetic instruments
Dilek Zenciroğlu, Turkey
Design and development of a platform for sterilization
Dominique Goullet, France
Current threats to the attainment of SAL within a CSSD, do we underestimate them and are there technical solutions? A CSSD Managers point of view
Duygu Perçin, Turkey
The National health training package-"The Australian way"
Elinor Radke, Australia
High level disinfection is good enough for endoscopes and laparoscopes
Emine Alp Meşe, Turkey
Hospital infections and quality in hospitals
Erdal Akalın, Turkey
Esra Koçoğlu, Turkey
International and European standardization of sterilization processes and equipment
Ernst Dennhofer, Germany
Exemplary CSSD 1
Eylem Serinkaya, Turkey
ICU architecture
Fatma Ülger, Turkey
Gaye Usluer, Turkey
Sterilization is required for endoscopes and laparoscopes
Gülden Ersöz, Turkey
Güner Dağlı, Turkey
Güven Külekçi, Turkey
Hakan Leblebicioğlu, Turkey
From a time- or event-related to a data-based shelf-life practice for sterilized items
Hartmut Dunkelberg, Germany
Hasan Koçoğlu, Turkey
Central sterile service in Japan
Hiroyoshi Kobayashi, Japan
To be or not to be ISO 13485, quality systems in the CSSD
Jean-Marc Legentil, Canada
Validation of automated endoscope reprocessors
John van Bergen Henegouw, The Netherlands
Case carts and Custom made packs
Koen Vandormael, Belgium
Meet the Expert: "Publication Ethics''
Kurtuluş Töreci, Turkey
Wound care and antiseptics
Maide Cimşit, Turkey
Sterilization in Peru and Latin America
Maria Elena Yeckle, Peru
Northern Transparent Education and Competence for staff in Central Sterile Services Department
Maria Hansby, Sweden
Systematic comparison of the ability of commercial cleaning indicators to predict process failures
Mark J. Sutton, United Kingdom
The role of surface disinfection in infection prevention
Martin Exner, Germany
Microbiological control of hospital environment: When and how?
Mesut Yılmaz, Turkey
Cleaning and disinfection in Intensive Care Units
Meral Şahin Demir, Turkey
Decontamination of Medical Devices from Human Prions
Michael Beekes, Germany
Mustafa Gül, Turkey
DAS management in times of disasters
Mustafa Kasım Karahocagil, Turkey
Mustafa Özyurt, Turkey
Mustafa Samastı, Turkey
DAS president
Murat Günaydın, Turkey
Turkish Music
Murat Salim Tokaç, Turkey
Cold atmospheric plasma as a new decontamination method
Rodolphe Hervé, United Kingdom
Disinfectant efficact testing
Oğuz Karabay, Turkey
Biohazardous waste treatments and management
Ronald Russell, Ireland
Sercan Ulusoy, Turkey
Operating room architecture and reconstruction in terms of hospital infections
Serpil Karataş, Turkey
Technology, machines, robots:getting the instruments clean requires the human factor
Sharon Greene-Golden, USA
Upgrade of the central sterilization service at Mohamed V Military Training Hospital in Morocco: from design to implementation.
Soufiane Derraji, Morocco
Surgical site infections linked to contaminated surgical instruments
Stephanie Dancer, United Kingdom
What's new in the field of sterilization and disinfection?
Şaban Esen, Turkey
Quality assurance of new surgical instruments. Don't accept our rejects.
Tom Brophy, United Kingdom
Turan Buzgan, Turkey
Türkan Özbayır, Turkey
Water management in healthcare services
Yasemin Ersoy, Turkey
Yeşim Çetinkaya Sardan, Turkey
Sterilization and disinfection in dental health centers
Zeynep Yiğiter, Turkey
Adsorption of proteins to surgical stainless steel surfaces
William Keevil, United Kingdom

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