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My respected colleagues,

The fourth congress of Sterilization and Disinfection will be held between the 20th and 24th April 2005 in Samsun, the beautiful city of Black Sea region.

After the first meeting that was arranged in Samsun,1999 with the name of "Sterilization and Disinfection Symposium" and as if it were a congress, 2nd and 3rd Congresses of Sterilization and Disinfection was held again in Samsun. Over 1000 participants attended in congresses. At the end of the congress, 3 congress books were appeared which can be used for guide. In addition to this, the book of "Sterilization,Disinfection and Hospital Infections 2002" was gathered together for bedside book. Even more than 5000 people,interested in subject are reached just by the help of published books. The full texts of gathered book and 3rd congress book are in service on internet to people who are interested in subject.

All these developements bring together forming the Disinfection,Antisepsis, Sterilization (DAS) Association in 2004.

The 4th Congress of Sterilization and Disinfection is arranged by Disinfection,Antisepsis, Sterilization (DAS) Association. Everybody can get the information about the congress from the address of www.das.org.tr/2005/daseng.htm

We will pay more attention to the subjects about the problems in our daily practices in the congress. It will be possible for participants to get information from the experts of the subjects directly by bein included to small working groups. Also, this will give opportunity to know the firm's profile and the new products in the sessions that sector will present itself.

We invite you to an intensive scientific programme and to be together in a fatiguing, joyful and educational congress with the participation of the social programme again in Samsun.

Wish for a successful congress..

For the Arrangement Committee
The president of congress
Prof. Bülent Gürler

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